PLANTAIN’S HOT NEW SINGLE ‘1942’ – The future of Alternative R&B

PLANTAIN’S HOT NEW SINGLE ‘1942’ - The future of Alternative R&B
When looking at the future of Alternative R&B, Plantain Papi is a standout artist. The Irish producer is known for blending hip-hop, garage, and R&B with afrobeat undertones. 
‘1942’ is the lead single from his upcoming debut album ‘Still Healing’, and explores the heavy emotions after a breakup and the journey of finding one’s true-self again. Produced by Plantain in collaboration with powerhouse producer F3miii (another one to watch).
A snippet of the record has garnered popularity on social media, seen by over a million users and growing daily, thanks to a successful social media campaign. 
‘1942’ touches on personal growth with heartfelt and soulful lyrics that evoke familiar emotions of heartbreak, loss and grief. 
His debut album, ‘Still Healing’, will be released on February 16th. The album reflects on overcoming difficult situations and maturing emotionally. Featuring Jafaris, F3miii, Ama Millieir and B4bzy, and BHUMBLE, ‘Still Healing’ promises a unique sonic experience in alternative hip hop and afroswing.