Feel the love and rhythm with Plantain Papi’s new hit, ‘Wheels Fall Off’!

Fresh off his supporting slot on Burna Boy's EU tour, Plantain Papi is back with a fresh new sound that's set to take over!

“Wheels Fall Off” is a record that creatively merges R&B and the Jersey Club sound, delivering an infectious beat and catchy melodies. Plantain speaks to all the milestones and events that might occur along the course of a healthy relationship, making this single a relatable and emotional journey for listeners. The production of “Wheels Fall Off”;  features lots of ear candy that aims to transport the listener somewhere magical, and it’s sure to become an instant hit among fans

“I wanted to create a track that celebrates the ups and downs of a healthy relationship, and the journey of love and growth,” says Plantain Papi.  “I hope that the listeners will connect with the message of the song and enjoy the musical journey that I’ve created. ” So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to ride the waves of “Wheels Fall Off” PlantainPapi’s latest and greatest single yet The track is now available on all major streaming platforms.